My health journey was not an easy one, and for many years not one that I could speak about. I now realize those struggles were made for me, so I could serve you.

As an overweight child, I struggled with self-esteem issues and body confidence. I utilized food to fill feelings of emptiness and unworthiness. When I was fourteen, something in me snapped. I began exercising and learning more about my health. It was then that I lost a total of 55lbs. Although, I thought I was incredibly healthy, my diet was restrictive, and my life revolved around exercise as a punishment. More importantly, this was the beginning of a very conditional and cruel relationship with my body that would continue on for many years to come. After years of struggling with eating disorders, numbing, and weight fluctuations, I discovered yoga while studying in Glasgow, Scotland, and this is where my relationship with my body and myself began to change.

I can still go back to that Savasana, tears streaming down my face, as I whispered to my body, “Im so sorry. I’ve been so cruel to you, and you stood by me.”

I cultivated love and respect for my body. I began to listen to her, and this is a concept deeply embedded into my yoga teaching style and health coaching.

After studying there, I moved to Thailand. I spent about a year in Thailand teaching and learning. I studied ancient medicine, nutrition, and completed my 200hr teacher training with YogaWorks in Malaysia studying with yogis David Kim and Ken Yang. Most recently, I have deepened my understanding of anatomy by becoming certified by NASM as a personal trainer. This being said, my approach to health and wellness is all-encompassing and nourishing. I believe that what we put on our body, in our body, and around our body hugely impacts the way we feel, act, and look. I find peace in a holistic lifestyle that honors the mind and the body instead of restricting it. The body is wise, if you listen, it speaks. For me, that means a balanced life guided by intuition, love, and gratitude.

My teaching style heavily focuses on finding movement with the breath. My specialty is slow power flow classes centered around building strength and alignment, mindfulness, and cultivating connection within. My classes integrate a strong anatomical foundation with the spirit of yoga, allowing you to expand your practice through the mind, body, and soul.

As a health coach, I believe that cultivating a relationship of compassion with ourselves is the first step. I believe that my journey in healing my own eating disorders, hormonal imbalances, and chronic pain, has allowed me work with clients with diverse goals. I utilize alternative therapies, Holistic Nutrition, and Herbal Medicine in my practice.